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Personalised wooden chopping boards from solid oak


All of our boards are hand made from carefully selected English oak. We ensure that the oak for these chopping boards is sourced from sustainable English woodlands. Indeed it comes direct from the sawmills responsible for the tree felling. 

Unlike many other solid wood chopping boards on the market today, each board is a seasoned single piece of oak chosen for it's beautiful grain and colouration. This makes each board totally unique and full of character. Our current batch of chopping boards is produced from some really pretty oak. It has some lovely medular rays in the grain - you'll see lots of whispy looking marks, a bit like tiger stripes, running across the grain which change depending on the angle of the light. We only select fantastic timber! 

Our oak boards are approx. 250mm (10 inches ) x 390mm (15 inches) x 38mm thick (1.5 inches) and each has one square edge lengthways with the other edge being a natural waney edge. Prices are £89.00 including VAT and delivery per board.
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