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Definately not flat and far from perfect, yet never forgotten!  Our driftwood business / calling cards are totally tactile and simply beautiful. We have been using these for a while now and they have been so well recieved that we thought we would offer them as the ultimate, alternative wooden business card. 


Message Area- As each piece is completely different size and shape you have to be very economial with the wording you want on these. They work best with a web address or simple line of text, "Less is More" with regard to the information you include on these.  


Each is around 15mm x 80mm in length (though this can vary) and can be upto around 3mm to 7mm in thickness.  All of the artwork is engraved into the driftwood.


We can offer these in batches of 50 and each batch will cost £60.00 plus VAT.  Tracked delivery is £10.00 plus VAT.


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