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Introducing our engraved driftwood keyfobs. Each unique piece of driftwood is engraved with your wording and/or logo.   We have roughly grouped these driftwood pieces into three sizes, large, medium and small.  As this is a totally natural product we cannot guarantee sizes and these can range from 30mm x 60mm in width to 30mm x 140mm in length. As well as keyrings, they make wonderful placesettings and favours or even promotional items.  They are very popular choice for seaside pubs, hotels and guest houses. 


They also make ideal gifts for sailors and boat/yacht owners.


These take a little longer to engrave than our standard keyfobs.  This is because every piece is a totally different shape and size.  This is tricky for engraving and therefore each piece of driftwood  has to be hand positioned and engraved one at a time.  This extra time has to be reflected in the cost but we think the results are well worth it! 

  • Made from genuine driftwood in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • All designs and lettering are engraved into the wood.

  • Single or double sided.

  • Available with either a leather strap, marine twine, 12cm wire screw connector (50p extra), ball chain with connector (25p extra) or marine shackle (price depends on size of the shackle).


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