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Prices and Information


On the following pages we have detailed price guides for the various wooden items we most commonly produce.


Please note that all of these prices guides are just that, guides.  We cannot confirm any costs until we have sight of the final artwork.  


VAT - Depending on the item, some price guides (usually those that are classed as non-business wooden items)  include the VAT element in the costs.  Other, more business focused items, show prices that exclude VAT.  Please check the prices carefully for confirmation of the VAT element (UK 20%).


Engraving Prices - The longer an item takes to engrave the more the cost will be.  If an item has a lot of detail rich artwork (borders especially) the price will increase due to the extra time taken to engrave each item.  You may wish to take this into account when submitting artwork.


Print Costs - All costs are for full colour printing (also white printing available).  If you want the item to be printed and lacquered an additional cost may be levied.


For items not covered in these price guides, please feel free to call (01386 849217) or email us via the "Contact Us" page for an individual quotation.


Artwork - If you have artwork you would like us to look at, to use on your item, please email over the artwork using the email icon below, we will happily have a look and let you know if this is OK.  For your information, our artwork specification is below:


When supplying artwork please note that vector artwork is preferred, saved as an Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS or Corel Draw file. If saved as a Photoshop PSD, we require the file to be saved at 300dpi at 100% print size. Please ensure that all fonts are outlined or supplied (PC format true type or post script). .

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