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There are some tremendous signwriters out there doing fantastic traditional work using their skill and their brushes.  Although we too have this capability not many companies or individuals are prepared to pay for the hours spent doing such a wonderful job.  


We now offer a variety of alternatives.  For distressed wooden signs, you can chose from:


  • Small wooden printed or engraved signs.

  • Wooden painted (and distressed) signs.

  • Wooden painted and then engraved signs (barrel ends & normal wooden signs).

  • Large wooden painted and stenciled signs.

  • Large wooden fascia signs.


We can distress the signs in a number of ways we chose the best way for the wood and the paint finish of the sign in question.  We can also pantone colour match paints.  Finally we can add the finishing touches such as hanging rope or chain that you chose for your signs.


If you do not want distressing on the sign, no problem!  We are modern signwriters with the capability to produce signs in a variety of materials including wood.  Sign sizes can range from a very small sign through to large shop and fascia signs. 


If you are interested in signs of this nature please email us via the contact page and let us know your requirements.


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