We now offer wooden business cards made from other wood species. We use double sided veneers for these cards. Species in stock include cherry, walnut, oak, ash, sapele and maple. These cards are between 1.2mm to 1.5mm in thickness. Minimum order is 100 cards.  Artwork can be engraved or printed (we can also print white onto wood).


New Product - We have started a range of contrast business cards. This consists of one side being a veneer and the other side birch ply. If you choose a veneer with a strong contrast tone (e.g. Walnut) the result is a truly stunning business card. It has all of the beauty of your chosen wood species combined with the strength of the birch ply. 

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Wooden engraved card

Engraved, veneered business cards. The above is walnut veneer.

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